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I’m having issues with an old version of my homepage being shown consistently to visitors. I use my home page as a landing page to sell an eBook. I have updated the page with a reduced price and slightly different copy, but visitors are still being shown an old version from October last year.

I’m assuming this is some sort of caching issue, but I’m not certain; it would be great if someone could take a look and advise.

I’ve set up a page rule for the homepage as follows “URL: www.bestofangling.com/ Cache Level: Bypass”

and also a Cache Rule “No Cache Homepage: URL Equals: https://bestofangling.com/

Even if I purge everything from the cache and check the site again in an incognito browser, the old page is still shown.

I am also using the hummingbird plug-in and have disabled the caching feature on this plug-in and also cleared this cache multiple times, but I’m still having the same issue. The new homepage is shown temporarily after cache clearing when I’m logged into my site, but the old version is still shown within an incognito browser.

Any help would be appreciated; thanks in advance.



Your domain has Cloudflare nameservers, but its pages are not returning any Cloudflare HTTP headers, which makes me think you may have set your DNS as :grey: (DNS only), as opposed to :orange: (Proxied by Cloudflare). Page rules as well as almost any other performance and security features will not work if your DNS A/CNAME records for your naked domain and www are not set to :orange:.

But wait… I also see Ezoic headers, so you may want to talk to Ezoic’s support, as any change you need to make in your DNS records should be made through them. Also, AFAIK not all Cloudflare features will function properly under an Ezoic integration. So I guess your best next step would be to contact Ezoic support for help with your caching issue.


Thank’s a lot for the assistance, great help. I never even considered it could be Ezoic. Had integrated my site to test ads but have since disabled them so I’ll just remove the Cloudflare integration.

Thanks again

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