Home page 500 error


My home page gives a response code 500 - Internal Server Error (nginx).
If i add get parameter (?v=1) page loads.

Tried to clear cache and create page rule for home page with cache level bypass, but it didn`t help.

That will be an error on your server side. Check your logs for that.

If I put IP in hosts file - no error.

Whats the domain?

https://prm.ua - error
https://prm.ua/? - work

That still looks like a server issue.

Did you check the server log as I suggested in my very first response?

Server log doen’t contain 500 eror, I checked.

Does your server IP address end in 226? If not, would you feel comfortable sharing it here?

No, it ends by 138. Can I send ip in private message (don`t understand how to do there) or maybe by email?

You could run a test with the IP address at sitemeer.com and then let me know the time when you ran it.

Done, 15:59 (UTC)

Is your encryption mode “Flexible”?

Yes, flexible.

Set that to “Full strict”.

Sandro, we don`t have CA on server side, site is live 1500 online, and other pages work. This changes may break the site, or no?

Certificate authority?

As far as I can tell you do have a valid certificate on your server and if you dont you need to configure one.

Anyhow, that setting appears to be the reason why you get the error - and yes, the error does come from your server, so I am not sure which logs you checked.

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