Home network

I have been trying to use Cloudflare to access my home network using a domain name (via static IP) but for some reason I’m unable to do so.

My domain name is
and belongs to whois.com
I have added the Cloudflare dns there and have set up the DNS in Cloudflare as below (have masked the IP)

But I’m not able to access my sites using the domain name, but when I pause the service in Cloudflare (even though whois.com has the DNS of Cloudflare) I’ll be able to access my sites using the domain name

Accessing via the IP always works anyways
Really appreciate if anyone can help with understanding the issue here.

What port are you connecting to? 80 or 443?

Hi @sdayman
Firstly, thank you for your response!

I’m connecting to 44909
where I’m running a Jenkins instance.

Right now since it’s not connected to Cloudflare, you can try the below link and it works fine


That port is not an HTTP/S port.



Thank you so much!
This seems to help… will try it and update here

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