Home IP Address Blocked

Cloudflare has blocked my home IP address. I cannot reach Cloudflare Support without paying for the service. This is causing seriously limited use of the internet for personal and business purposes.

Simple Question: How do I get this situation resolved ?!


Skip the following if you want to, but here are all the details.

When accessing any site that is hosted by Cloudflare I am always placed in the waiting room for verification. Some sites will not load at all, especially sites that use Spotify (example, greenworkstools). This of course blocks personal and business transactions with those sites.

Additionally, websites that use API URLs that are hosted on Cloudflare servers do not render in the browser, or they render incorrectly, because the API URLs are blocked by the Cloudflare servers that host them. This issue also stops a variety of mobile Apps from working (examples: Ring, Coinbase, …).

The IP blocking issue occurs for all devices: Windows laptops, Mac laptops, iPhone, and Android phones. This issue occurs for all browsers on all devices: Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Edge.

The IP blocking issue occurs ONLY for Cloudflare hosted URLs and Domains. I verified this using the browser developer tools. The blocked requests always have a Cloudflare server in the error response.

Solutions Attempted So Far
I have tried a number of recommendations, all of which do not help. This includes: clearing all browser data, uninstalling and re-installing browsers, power cycling my router, power cycling my cable modem. I verified with my internet provider that they are not blocking any traffic to or from Cloudflare. I Do Not use VPN. I also tried turning off Anti-Virus apps. And, I tried turning firewalls off / on.

Turning off WiFi on my iPhone and using the cell tower does work.

Unfortunately, Cloudflare support cannot help you, as only the site owner has control over the security settings.

Hmmm - this is affecting any Cloudflare hosted site. Started happening a couple of weeks ago. Before that I could access all Cloudflare hosted sites. Maybe the Cloudflare default security settings were updated recently?

Perhaps your home network has been compromised by malware (or your roommate) and there are requests coming from it which have lowered the overall reputation of your IP address. This could trigger sites which challenge or block untrustworthy visitors.

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No roommates. All my malware checks pass, but maybe the anti-malware software is not finding the bad actor …

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