Hi, I am using the domain to access my local Home Assistant instance. this was working fine until my account was temporary stopped. Now my account is active again i am getting a “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN” can you see if there are any issues with my DNS configuration. thanks for your help. Neil

May I ask if you’re receiving this error only on one device you’re using, and is it only on your local home network like WiFi? :thinking:

Do you experience the the same issue and does it occur on some other device, different Web browser, even on a mobile data plan? :thinking:

Also, may I ask you to post and share your domain name in bracketed dot [.] notation (example[dot]com) here so we could double-check, troubleshoot and provide some more feedback information? :thinking:

Regarding the error, kindly I’d suggest you the article from below for troubleshooting steps:

May I ask what did you do that your Cloudflare account was, temporary stopped? This sounds a bit wierd to me.
Maybe the domain name expired, therefrom the zone itself was removed from your CF account?

Can you give the domain name?

Thanks for coming back to me the domain name is

I didn’t want one which said any name :slight_smile:

jkhkjhkjhmjhkh . uk

That’s an interesting one!

Your domain is suspended.

For .uk domains this is usually because the owner’s details can’t be verified. Make sure your name/address details are entered correctly and, as it’s through Cloudflare registrar, raise a registrar ticket here…

www[dot]jkhkjhkjhmjhkh[dot]uk, sorry i was replying on my mobile earlier.

I created the Domain over Christmas so i could access my Home Assistant from outside my network, It was all working fine then started to get the DNS issue.

I get the same issue on my mobile not via Wifi.

My account was disabled as i received an email asking me to provide additional info with a link which lasted 24 hours, i didn’t see this in time which is when it stopped working. I raised a ticket and a new link was sent which i have now completed.

Thank You :-), all my details seem correct. i have raised a ticket

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