Holding page for web site - does Cloudflare provide one?

Hi everyone

I’ve recently transferred my domain name registration, and all of the DNS records for my domain, from Hover to Cloudflare. Everything went fine.

Currently, the domain is only used for email purposes, and there is no web site.

When migrating the DNS records over from Hover, the A records for ‘www’ and for the domain name itself, were migrated over, which point to the IP address of Hover’s web server which shows the Hover holding page for my domain.

Does Cloudflare also provide a holding page? Presumably Hover are going to turn off that holding page for my domain at some point anyway. What should I change the IP address to for those A records such that visitors will see a Cloudflare holding page for my domain rather than the one currently hosted by Hover?

If you only use it for email you can simply remove the www record and the A record for your root domain.

Thanks, I’m aware of that. But in the case where I do want to have a holding page displayed, do you know the IP address I should specify?

The IP address where that page is located :slight_smile:

Cloudflare doesnt have anything of that sort.