Hobo Host Won't Take SSL

I’m trying to set up the free Cloudflare SSL on Hobo Host server but I get the following statement.

Certificate verification failed! The system did not find the Certificate Authority Bundle that matches this certificate. Contact “Cloudflare, Inc.” to obtain the Certificate Authority Bundle for “Cloudflare Origin SSL Certificate Authority”.

Anyone know what to do?

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@jmeyer hi have a look at this

Paste the Cloudflare Root RSA Certificate text in the CABUNDLE text box during step 5 of installation.

If no joy, I would contact Cloudflare support


Seeing as you are using the Cloudflare Origin CA, have you contacted your hosting provider to ensure they support this CA? Perhaps your provider may be validating the certificate chain for public validity before enabling it?

You will probably need to check with your hosting provider to see if Cloudflare Origin CA (or even Cloudflare at all) is supported by them.