Hmm... We couldn't find any matching websites

Hi Guys hope all are well

I need help with this… I did search for this problem couldn’t really get any answers to it
I keep getting this message
Hmm… We couldn’t find any matching websites
The website I’m trying to look up is this

But i keep getting that message
In the past, I’ve done this with other website names never had this come up
My knowledge of this isn’t great
Please advise and thank you for reading

Can you post a screenshot of the error message?

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Here you go thanks for the quick reply

Well, do you have that domain in your Cloudflare account? It does not seem as if that domain is configured for Cloudflare.

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Hi there
It’s not in Cloudflare, the domain is registered on
where it’s also hosted…
I’ve done this before with other domain names hosted don the same company
just having problems with this website name, doesn’t seem to be finding it
thanks again

Then you first need to add it, follow for that.

However, first make sure it works on HTTPS, because right now it does not and that won’t work on Cloudflare.

So when you say Register the domain, would i need to transfer my domain to Cloudflare???
The only reason i ask this, I never had to do this before with other domains…

Thanks for you help

You don’t need to transfer the domain, but you need to add it according to the tutorial.

But again, really fix HTTPS first.


Just in case for further, when searching for the zones or adding a domain name, may I ask have you tried searching/typing a domain name without the www prefix? :thinking:

I tried this also and i get this, this isn’t a subdomain

I tried this also.
i also tried just putting

I tried them all multiple times
Thanks for helping

Once again, don’t add the domain until your site loads fine on HTTPS.

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thanks again
My this website
has the https on it, if you click it, it loads
anyway im so confused now, Dont understand lol
been stuck on it for like 4 days now

Right now it does not load on HTTPS, that’s exactly what I mean. You will need to talk to your host.

You can also get an Origin certificate from

Just want to say thank you for your help

When I went to add the site again, for some random reason it allowed me to add the site.
I don’t understand, I’ve been doing this for days
But it working now
so thank you for your time

You currently have a security issue.

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