HLS streaming with cloudflare stream

Hello, I am working on a Netflix type project and I don’t want the users to be able to directly download videos from URL. So HLS is a nice solution for that. Is HLS possible with Cloudflare stream? If yes, how?

HLS doesn’t guarantee your videos cant be downloaded. Unless you use the various DRM solutions [which can still be gamed], it’s trivial for anyone to download your HLS stream using tools like youtube-dl (if someone takes the time to make a manifest extractor, which isn’t hard) or ffmpeg. Basically, if it can be viewed/seen by the client, it can be downloaded as a file as well. This is why 4k webrips of Netflix originals are on pirate websites day 1.

But as an answer to your question, Cloudflare Stream (officially) requires you use your the Cloudflare Stream player, and it instinctively chooses the best streaming method, usually either DASH or HLS.

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So that basically means HSL works with Cloudflare. Great.
May I know if Cloudflare will automatically convert mp4 or mkv or anything else to HSL if I want it to?

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Sorry, I meant HLS

It does automatically convert to HLS, but the Cloudflare player might start streaming a DASH playlist instead if you use it.

There are some who have figured out how to use their own player and stream only HLS but that is not officially supported by Cloudflare (may change in the future) Stream service - subtitles and custom image?