HLS and Cloudflare

I have a hls stream on my cloudflare protected domain. Is there any limit to view hls streams? I look at my server’s logs; when a viewer watches my hls stream, viewer’s ip is not viewer’s real ip. it is cloudflare network’s ip. So i used cloudflare’s bandwidth with no cost? Or where can i find traffic prices? Note: my hls server is on port 80. I looked at my traffic in dashboard it is:
Total Bandwidth
2.23 GB
Cached Bandwidth
0 B
Uncached Bandwidth
2.23 GB

A few things here:

  1. Whenever you use Cloudflare as a proxy you use their bandwidth for free (or for the price of your plan). That is the whole premise of a proxy (or CDN).
  2. With regards to the video stream the best way would be to use Cloudflare’s Stream option since the policy with respect to streams isn’t really favorable, especially if you cache the content. This always depends also on the usage. A few GBs a month isn’t an issue, a few hundreds or thousand GBs per month may be.
  3. With regard to the port 80 it really isn’t an issue the port as long as Cloudflare supports it. Obviously HTTPS on port 443 is always strongly recommended.
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When proxied clean traffic is 500 TB per month how much i will pay for that traffic?

For what? For Stream?

Regardless, for pricing specifics (excluding the self-serve “unlimited” plans) you should contact sales (especially with those volumes) or see their product pages. I won’t go into calculations here.

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