Hitting cloudflare DDOS protection on nearly every site accessed from our organization


So I work for a school district with a large deployment of computers & chromebooks (5,000+). We’re relying on web resources right now because of Covid19 and Distance Learning, but now every single website that utilizes cloudflare is requiring us to solve their CAPTCHAs every single time anyone tries to access it. This includes both teachers and students. It’s not just one website, it’s all of them.

This really hinders instruction, and some of these CAPTCHAs can be difficult to solve for some students, especially those with learning disabilities or limited proficiency in English.

If you try to access the same website, on the same computer, but on a personal network connection, it works just fine. So I assume Cloudflare must have flagged our district for hundreds (thousands?) of connections to the same site at once coming from the same source.

Is there anyone we can contact about this?

You can try emailing: support AT cloudflare DOT com
Or @cloonan, @ryan, or @cscharff can shake things up a bit here.

What’s likely to have happened is Cloudflare detected some sort of malicious traffic coming from your network.

Once you have it, can you share your ticket number here, @ichernasky? If you receive an automated reply that does not solve the question, please respond and indicate you need further help. Sorry for the issues.



Ticket ID is 2010414. I received an automated response that wasn’t terribly helpful at pinpointing the issue.

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Please check if your IP address is listed on Project Honeypot which is one of the sites we use to assess IP reputation: https://www.projecthoneypot.org/search_ip.php.

If that is the case, follow the instructions on Project Honeypot to have your IP removed from their database if the IP has stopped malicious behaviour or if you believe this is an error.


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