Hit rate limit and turned encryption mode off - can't access site through http


I recently hit my rate limit for LetsEncrypt. I am waiting until Monday for it to be lifted.

In the meantime, I tried to set CloudFlare mode to OFF so that I can view my website via http. After changing it from Strict(http) to Off (http), I still get the following error:

Is there caching I need to clear in my browser or on the CloudFlare server? I’m not an expert in what gets cached and what I need to clear so that the https mode is not forced for the time being. Do I need to remove all my DNS records and re-add them? Help is appreciated!

Website diagnostic: Diagnostic Center | Check SSL and Test Website Security | Cloudflare

Thank you


Changing it to Off won’t work as .app requires SSL as far as I know.

What you need to do is fix the certificate on your server. The easiest thing might be to simply use Cloudflare’s Origin certificates instead of LetsEncrypt’s.


In that way you will have to proxy the records but you won’t have to bother about regular renewals as an Origin certificate can be valid up to 15 years.

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Thank you both.

sandro, I changed it to Flexible and it seemed to work until I went to transfer a file over SFTP, restarted my computer and launched the website again. It would throw the same error.

Good to know about .app requiring SSL!

I did set up Cloudflare’s Origin certificate and then I removed it. Once I create the certificate, do I need to save them into proper file formats (.pem and .key) and upload them to the root directory where the website files are stored?

I’m really confused as to why when I flipped the encryption mode to Flexible, it worked instantly and now it doesn’t :D.

Thank you!

That’s a mistake, as Flexible is highly discouraged, insecure, and should actually not be used.

Ehm, the certificate needs to be properly configured with your server. Please refer to the server’s documentation for details.

What it comes down to is that your site needs to be working on HTTPS way before you add it to Cloudflare.

Again, do not use Flexible, as that will still keep everything insecure.

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