Hire the Cloudflare Pro Plan to optimize my website

Hello! I am interested in purchasing Cloudflare’s Pro plan and would like to know if the support team can take care of the setup. My site is currently hosted on Sucuri and I am not sure how to transition from one platform to another as my knowledge on this subject is limited. I would appreciate if you could guide me and provide assistance in the migration process.

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Cloudflare’s Free to Business Plan are mostly self-serve. But fret not, it’s really easy and straight forward to get onboarded!

Here are some helpful resources that can help you step-by-step:


Thank you very much for your answer, but how can I switch from sucuri to Cloudflare, is it easy to do?

My plan expires soon and I need to act quickly before I run out of ssl and protection, I really have no idea what to do

You’re not actually “switching” and you do not want your hosting with sucuri to expire even after you start using cloudflare. Cloudflare sits between your site on sucuri and visitors to your site.

Start here by adding your site, then change the nameservers at your registrar…

Did you review the docs @Wanda shared?

Sucuri is a WAF provider, not a hosting provider. There must be a separate hosting provider in the chain, and OP will actually be switching from Sucuri to use Cloudflare.


Si, yo se que Sucuri no es un proveedor de hosting, lo pregunto es por que ellos han agregado reglas y hecho configuraciones para mi sitio, las cuales no se si se deben borrar, no tengo idea de que pasos seguir

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