Hint that Cloudflare Registrar is opening for .app TLD registration soon?

I have a .app domain on Cloudflare which is registered on GoDaddy. I’d like to transfer it to Cloudflare Registrar for a peace of mind of not having to worry about hidden fees that GoDaddy likes to offer. However, the domain transfer page does not show my .app domain on the transferable list. I then check this documentation and .app TLD isn’t on the list.

I then opened the Cloudflare Register domains page and type in some random .app domain to see if I can register and there it is, the random .app domain is shown on the list

Does this mean .app TLD will be officially opened for registration soon?

Anyway, the above list isn’t up-to-date because the Registrar page shows a banner that .cloud and .biz are now available for registration but they aren’t on the list either.


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