Hijacking our WWW

We have been using a 3rd party website provider to host our website (they use Cloudflare).

We used a WWW cname to point to this provider.

Recently we have had to make changes to our website and moved our name servers from godaddy to Cloudflare.

Now whenever whenever we try to create any WWW records and DNS Proxy is enabled, we are automatically shown the old content of our 3rd party provider.

We have tried Purge Cache but it appears that the 3rd party is somehow hijacking our WWW subdomain when DNS proxy is enabled for this record.

The domain is WWW.balfourplacecom and is currently offline, any ideas or a support phone number we can use?

Telephone support is only an option on Enterprise plans. That shouldn’t prove an obstacle to getting your situation remedied, however.

The symptoms you describe sound like your previous provider used Cloudflare for SaaS and failed to remove your domain from their account. The best option to get the quickest results is to contact that provider and have them remove your domain from their Cloudflare for SaaS. Once they do, your site should work as expected.

In the interim, you can get your site online by setting the affected hostnames to :grey: DNS only. Let us know how things turn out or if we can be of further assistance.

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