Highest throughput observed on Workers?

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Agreed. Though another way to read the question is if I add a domain (workers or not) which is the equivalent of 80% the utilization of Cloudflare’s entire customer base will that ‘just work’?

I can think of a variety of reasons no one at Cloudflare would answer the question in a straightforward manner, but I’d expect the short answer is “no” absent a lot of additional detail.

Could it be “yes”? There’s nothing magic about 10m web requests or 50m for that matter. In the realm of the purely theoretical Cloudflare will certainly accommodate that for the right price I’m sure😜

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Assuming you have the paid subscription, there’s no explicit limit on how much traffic you can handle through Workers.

Obviously, Cloudflare doesn’t have infinite computers, so in theory with enough traffic you’d use up all our compute power. But, obviously, that’s rather difficult to do. :slight_smile: And if you think you can – talk to us. We can deploy more machines pretty quickly if they are needed for a big paying customer. But very few customers are so big that they could overload us. In general, we deploy our machines ahead of demand, so there’s always capacity to spare.

Note that the total pool of available resources for your workers really is all of our edge machines. The only way for your particular worker to run out of resources is if we run out of resources for Workers in general. I honestly don’t know how much traffic you’d need to generate to exhaust our resources – and, of course, it depends on how much work your Worker is doing – but your requests per second would have to be at least in the 7-digit range.

@dmitry in your Twitter DM you asked about “surge limits”. Note that surge limits apply only to people that aren’t paying for workers (not even paying $5/mo). If you were actually thinking about the anti-abuse limits, see my answer here: Workers and sub-requests


That helps clarify my read of “First 10M requests are included without surge limits”. And then you keep paying for more requests without surge limits.

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