Higher the Cloudflare plan you go, the better the routing and ISP/network peering gets

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I figured this only applied to the free and enterprise plans? Business has better routing/network performance than Pro?

Essentially. If you want a more official source:

Traffic Manager then identifies how much traffic in each plan we need to move, and moves either a proportion of the plan, or all of the plan through Plurimog/Duomog, until we’ve moved enough traffic. We move Free customers first, and if there are no more Free customers in a data center, we’ll move Pro, and then Business customers if needed.

There’s no guarantees for datacenters though, only Enterprise has that. Enterprise also only has the China Network, and there are probably some POPs which only ever serve Enterprise traffic due to capacity/peering.
Of course, your ISP and their Upstreams routing matters as well, Cloudflare only has so much control over that & where they will route you.


Even with Enterprise China is a separate paid service.

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