High TTFB via CF (even 250ms more - compered to direct access)


I have a problem with high TTFB. Since 2016 the values TTFB via CF and direct was almoust the same (few ms more), but now via CF it takes 100 - 250 ms longer.

Average time diffrance between CF and direct connection is about 140ms. I try to get help since 10 days. The ticket (ticket id: #2138472) is still not resolved. Support sends me practically the same answer from the “template” all the time and not sees the problem.

What should I do to get help? I sent two URLs to the static HTML files (to not talking about databases, scripting times and so on). Just simple test. One is direct to the server, another is via CF. I sent also screenshots form google console with timings. Where the differences are easy visible.

Average 140ms more is HUGE difference. Especially compared to direct access where TTFB is about 60-80ms.

In lighthouse I saw then information that TTFB is even 600ms. For crawlers the server may looks like overloaded but it isn’t.

Can anyone help?

Hi there,

Sorry about the inconvenience here. Can you take a look at my recent reply on the ticket which includes details on a few performance tests I’ve conducted, and provide me with the details I am requesting?



HI I replied to your post. You have all the details you asked for (in the ticket).

Very high ping at my location as well.

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