High TTFB & Time to interactive


I was using BunnyCDN earlier on my website



which was giving 0.9s TTFB & Time to interactive 1.3s on Google PS. But since I have enabled Cloudflare and disabled bunnyCDN, the time has increased drastically. Also while loading the site in my chrome browser, I can see the total load time under developer tools >Network. The time difference is huge.

I’m currently using Pro Plan with Argo enabled.

Google PageSpeed Insights reported 380ms initial server response.

Tested just now at 576ms TTFB in browser dev tools. (Australia)

cf-apo-via: kv
cf-cache-status: HIT

Cloudflare response from Sydney (close to my location). So it seems to be working fairly well here. Where are you testing from?

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