High TTFB reaction time

Hi, I am a programmer whose task is to speed up the loading of the website https://styl-mark.pl
Google and GTMETRIX showed that there is almost 5s of TTFB time. Do you have any tips how to reduce this time on this website?

As you are using wordpress you can do a lot.

Firstly if possible use (paid)

Use cloudflare APO (cache static HTML)

Wp rocket (helps with woocommerce)

redis object caching (as you are using woocommerce )

Use image optimization to convert to webp, you can use cloudflare polish or imagify.

Argo smart routing

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That domain is using Cloudflare name servers, but you are not :orange: Proxying the site through Cloudflare to receive any optimization benefits.

The TTFB is completely due to your server not being able to generate your HTML fast enough. While you can speed up pages for “window shoppers” (non logged-in users just looking around), as soon as someone uses the shopping cart, you can no longer expect any help with TTFB, as your server needs to generate every page that user views.


Redis is your friend :slight_smile: Please ask your hoster to enable Redis for you with a couple of databases for session data and website data and install the proper plugin for WP.


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