High TTFB just for homepage


One of my Wordpress sites (https://www.gamechefpummarola.eu) , hosted with some others on the same VPS, behind Cloudflare, has a high TTFB, but just for homepage.

Is there any way to properly debug this issue?

Thank you.

You will need to do this on your server and check why it takes so long to respond.

It does load quite fast for me though. About one second, also at http://sitemeer.com/#https://www.gamechefpummarola.eu/


Trying to further debug it.

  1. Chrome and Firefox just give me high Waiting time (GC.jpg) for the site, Edge is super fast.
  2. Another site on same VPS is always superfast (Indiecon.jpg).
    These two points are true from two different PCs non different networks/ISPs.
  3. From my smarphone, it’s superfast.

Cleared all chaches (W3T, Autoptimize, Cloudflare, Browsers) with no result.

I’m going crazy to understand this behaviour.

Thank you very much.

In that case I would assume there is an issue with Chrome and Firefox. Try clearing all caches, maybe a new browser profile, etc.

That must be the case, as indeed incognito Chrome window goes superfast.

Do not know why clearing Browser’s cache on those two does not work cross-platform for same account.

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