High TTFB issue

My problem is high TTFB timings. Its around 1-2 seconds and even if i disable everything and turn back to default wordpress theme, it still same. I disabled cf cache, minify html css and js, brotli, rocket loader i disabled gzip compression too but it still high. my website is https://yazilimcilarinmolayeri.com and speed is really important for me. idk what should i try. im out of options. anyone can help me?
Note: i disabled Cloudflare completely and its working fine. so i know that the problem is bc of Cloudflare.

I just got a 5 second TTFB, and as you noted, this is without Cloudflare. 4 of those seconds were due to your server.

On WordPress, you can do three things to speed up your homepage while on Cloudflare:

  1. Page Caching Plugin. You may already have this, but then I wouldn’t know why there’s still a high TTFB.
  2. Create a Cloudflare Page rule to match yazilimcilarinmolayeri.com/ and add settings for Cache Level (Cache Everything) and Edge Cache TTL (2 or more hours, depending on how often you update content).
  3. Use the Flying Pages plugin to preload other pages on your site.

Its not high due to my server. Its about cloudflare, as i mentioned. I had this issue before and i changed my nameservers to my hosting providers’. It was ok without cloudflare. Gtmetrix and pagespeed scores are good, ttfb is not high. Idk why this happens but when i changed my nameservers to cloudflare nameservers, it slows down.
My hosting provider has peering with cloudflare and it has to be much faster than other sites but it isnt. Can php.ini configs cause this problem? Or gzip and brotli compressions can overlapping? Idk i didnt face with a problem like this.
Note: I just tested without cloudflare (pausing function) and it still high. weird

Btw im using wordfence security plugin. is this important?

Edit: just disabled caching and minify plugin. my ttfb values halfed. i wasnt expecting that bc you know its “optimization” plugin. It still high but i think im closer to solution.

(dont mind the language. Bekleniyor means waiting and Gönderiliyor means sending. Bağlanıyor is connecting and so on)

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