High SPAM Form Submissions

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We’ve seen an increase in SPAM form submissions and a large drop in legitimate for submissions. Yes the forms have SPAM filters on them, a honeypot and CleanTalk. SPAM has come and gone in past experiences, but lately it seems to be all the site gets and legitimate leads have gone to nothing. Google ads drives a lot of traffic, so does radio, so averaging 25 legitimate form fills a day to only 3 is a big drop. Ads, traffic, etc. all seems to be on par with past weeks and months, but the form submissions are generally garbage and over the last few days have been 95% SPAM and only a few a day that are legit.

Runs a Cloudflare SSL, has a Wordfence basic firewall on the site plus Cloudlfare’s of course.

I don’t expect that anything is necessarily causing the SPAM in Cloudflare, my main concern is the lack of legitimate submissions. More wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if there are steps to take within Cloudflare to assist in it.

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  1. Removed country blocks
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Hi there,

have you setup a test with an unproxied hostname to see if the behavior continues?

Cloudflare security products can drop more automated traffic, but if your concern is the lack of legitimate users, it would be hard to say without comparing to a data sample where Cloudflare is not invloved.

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