High Robotic Impressions

Hi guys, my ad network complains that they’ve been receiving high IVT rate (13%) & robotic impressions (55%) from my website. Then I found Cloudflare and use their server (free-plan), but the ad network still says that my website is receiving high IVT rate (18.50%) & robotic impressions (49.18%). How do I further reduce this IVT rate and robotic impressions with Cloudflare?

My website uses wordpress and I’ve installed Bot “Blackhole for Bad Bots” plugin which doesn’t seem to help with the issue.

Maybe change your topic category from “Security - Access” to just “Security” so that the right person can actually help you with the issue. “Security - Access” is for the Cloudflare Access product related topic.

Just did…hopefully someone can help

@morehelp ticket number 2229313

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