High ping with WARP

getting high ping in game with warp last 2 day, previously i am getting ping 20 now 65, can i fix this or not?

Cloudflare Warp uses anycast technology, and in addition Argo that automatically selects the best route for your connection.

Unfortunately, most of the issues like these are due to network configuration of your ISP and their connection to Cloudflare servers.

I do suggest connecting with your ISP first then checking out ping difference to and/or checking if the nearest PoP / Cloudflare server on your area is re-routed.

with ping 25, only with warp ping 65. I live in UA and server Operational

Can i change the server? why he connect every time me to Germany, maybe i can connect to Poland its posiblle?

No, It’s supposed to use nearest location based upon your ISP’s routing.

Can I fix it somehow?

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