High Ping with ipv6 Enabled locally for CF enabled site, why

hi there,

I have a wordpress site on Cloudflare, usually working well - i just noticed that i get a very high ping when i have ipv6 enabled on my router here locally - i’m on fiber optic so fast 1gbps connection.

With ipv6 enabled i get 150ms ping to my server
With ipv6 disabled i get 4-6 ms ping to my server (great)

I did a check with nslookup -class=chaos -type=txt id.server and that returns the correct nearest server to me.

When i do trace route to my site with ipv6 on, at some point there’s a hop that jumps 150 ms. By doing a trace on that very hop, you end up on Mauritius??

2c0f:f748:cafe:1::9 try with Traceroute Utility Tool For IPv6 | IPAddressGuide

if i do ping cloudflare.com (shows ipv6 correctly), that one has just 5ms which is correct.

why’s that and can i fix this?


i just retested now and it auto corrected itself. mystery. it went on another ipv6. and is 5ms now

funny, i tested it again this morning and it’s back with the 150ms ping on ipv6. what’s going on?

morning slow and afternoon fast?

Meaning, it could be your local Internet Service Provider, and not the server nor Cloudflare?

Could it be related to below maybe?:

Me too at home (not 1Gbps but), but I also notice “high pings” over Fibre from time to time when playing games online.

this is so bizarre though. if i disable it and go with IP 4 then it’s all fine at all times.

they should have same peering at all times, but doesn’t seem to be the case.


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