High ping with dns

i am getting high ping from is a lot faster

Ping is different from DNS lookups. If your DNS lookups are also 30ms faster on Google, you’re certainly welcome to use them instead. Cloudflare won’t be faster for everybody.

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Looking at your username are you perhaps from the Netherlands and is Ziggo your provider? I noticed exactly the same behaviour over the past days. Here are some ping plots:






This seems to happen every day to Cloudflare at around the same time:

@sdayman These are indeed only pingtimes, but lookups are also delayed.

Lookups for Cloudflare over 10 days:


(Ignore the random timeouts, high pings of 100+ ms or gaps in the graph. Those were merely me making changes to my local network.)

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yes ziggo is my provider

so google is the fastest dns for ziggo in the Netherlands?

It really depends on your location, for my location the lookups to Quad9 ( and are the fastest with an average response of around 14ms. Google’s average is 15ms and Cloudflare is 17ms. Not very noticeable delays (except this current issue with Ziggo’s network and
It really depends what kind of DNS server you want. If you want a simple DNS server without any filtering I’d personally choose Google’s over Cloudflare’s as it has never failed me since 2014, never had any broken lookups and never had any latency issues.
When your internet connection doesn’t work it’s often related to DNS, but when setting Google’s DNS as provider you can be very sure that DNS is probably not the problem.

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If it’s not a bother, can you add a traceroute to when it’s slower?

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Here is a traceroute:

% traceroute
traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
 1  router (  3.333 ms  2.652 ms  1.990 ms
 2  dhcp-077-248-xxx-xxx.chello.nl (77.248.xxx.xxx)  12.179 ms  16.245 ms  9.341 ms
 3 (  11.860 ms  7.416 ms  10.942 ms
 4  asd-tr0021-cr101-be112-2.core.as33915.net (  18.104 ms  8.332 ms  7.818 ms
 5  nl-ams14a-ri1-ae51-0.core.as9143.net (  13.000 ms  12.681 ms  11.595 ms
 6  bundle-ether1.amstr1.amsterdam.opentransit.net (  56.075 ms  51.654 ms  53.812 ms
 7  cloudflare-1.gw.opentransit.net (  55.420 ms  50.312 ms  53.004 ms
 8  one.one.one.one (  51.055 ms  49.960 ms  53.380 ms

These are the response times for today (Europe/Amsterdam, CET/UTC+1 timezone):

I’m currently in contact with Cloudflare’s NOC over e-mail to try and see what’s going on.

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tnx for the info! I am now using Google DNS, its more stable than at the time. I also don’t know what’s happening with

Off-topic, but I noticed that you do not have your Ziggo modem in bridge mode while also using your own router (at Any particular reason for that? I suppose a double NAT is not ideal.
When switching from router to bridge mode I also shaved off 0.3ms on average response times – not a big gain, but still :doge:

Ping time to resolvers doesn’t say everything about DNS response-times. For me they are about the same between Google and Quad9. I bet you also will not notice if there is a 50ms difference in resolver response-times in real-world applications.

Ping to Google (10.1 ms average):

DNS queries to Google (17.8 ms average):

Ping to Quad9 (10.4 ms average):

DNS queries to Quad9 (17.9 ms average):

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But if I put my router in bridge mode then I no longer have WiFi spots and some other things from ziggo

Ah yes, forgot about that. Unless you have a Business subscription you’ll lose the Wifispots if you put it in bridge mode.

I’m currently in contact with Cloudflare’s NOC over e-mail to try and see what’s going on.

Ok great! They should be able to figure out what’s going on with that route. works again! now i have 12-25 ping! but maybe the problem is only at the end of the day

I have been in contact with Cloudflare’s NOC since November 21. Since December 2 the route has been changed to go via GTT and not Opentransit anymore. I’m not noticing ‘seasonal’ latency increases anymore, it has been very constant for me since yesterday.

traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
1 router ( 3.450 ms 1.708 ms 2.327 ms
2 dhcp-077-248-xxx-xxx.chello.nl (77.248.xxx.xxx) 12.941 ms 12.121 ms 12.943 ms
3 ( 12.979 ms 12.829 ms 12.787 ms
4 asd-tr0021-cr101-be112-2.core.as33915.net ( 11.470 ms 14.886 ms 14.903 ms
5 nl-ams14a-ri1-ae51-0.core.as9143.net ( 11.843 ms 10.633 ms 14.929 ms
6 ( 11.840 ms 12.664 ms 14.036 ms
7 ( 16.977 ms 20.312 ms 15.905 ms
8 one.one.one.one ( 14.384 ms 14.765 ms 13.979 ms

The problem seems to be resolved. :partyparrot:

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