High ping on .org domains

Recently I had a strange problem
I have 2 .ORG domain on Cloudflare cdn
the first one is my e-commerce website
and the second one is a private websocket VPN which I run behind Cloudflare proxy ( v2ray )
since 2 weeks ago I have seen a lot of user drops on my e-commerce (10K users dropped to 4K users on Google Analytics ) and at the same time I have had a problem with the connection on the second domain which is my VPN
usually, my ping to Cloudflare Edge servers is ~100-120 but my vpn connection got ~1500-3000ms ping and mostly time-out
so I’ve tried to reconfigure my server I changed and tested almost everything and my last test was changing the domain and guess what happened, when I changed my .org domain to a .com domain it solved !!
so what do you think? maybe there is a problem with .ORG domains on Cloudflare?
is there anyone who can help me to check it more deeply?

P.S: when I got user drop on my e-commerce website I thought maybe there was something wrong with my Gtag setup or my current property, so I created a new Google Analytics property and setup new analytics and test if it’s working and everything was OK but still I have around 4-5K users
I know there is a lot of people who can’t access to my website and I’m sure there is a problem with .org domain and I need to know why and if there is I can solve I should do it, I’m losing a lot customers
thanks for your help in advance

here is a screenshot from my Google Analytics
the first drop from 10K to 5K is when this problem occurs and the second drop to 0 is for my migration to new property
98% of my traffic is coming from Google search and I didn’t have any click drop and everything is normal in the search console
so this means people can see my website on google search but when they click to visit the website they can’t reach website

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