High Ping & losing 10 - 20mbps on Cloudflare WARP - ACT Fibernet

I use Act Fibernet(Chennai) and they seems to block many sites which is irritating for consumers. Luckily we have cloudflare to bypass this. but it comes with drawbacks.

Note: I’m using CloudFlare WARP on Windows.

  1. PING is 22ms on cloudflare connected, (Without connecting warp, it is 1ms)
  2. Download & upload speed is reduced around 10mbps to 20mbps on cloudlfare warp. (Without connecting warp, the speed is good)

Is this really a drawback or am i doing it wrong?

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Any reply on this?

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If you open up WARP preferences, which Colocation Center does it show?

What is your maximum speed before - e.g. is it 30Mbps? Then dropping by 10Mbps to 20Mbps?

This would be helpful as well. If you connect to a WARP location outside of your country (WARP is not available in every country) then throughput may decrease in some cases.

We take performance seriously - at home, my WARP connection is within 5-10% of a non-WARP connection - but there will always be a (very) slight trade-off due to the nature of tunnelling. We think this is the right trade-off for the privacy wins.

This is with Cloudflare WARP Disabled:

This is with Cloudflare WARP Enabled:

(Check the ping, and it is 10mbps like that losing)

With WARP, the speed is still pretty good. VPNs always add some overhead to connections. That ping time is literally less than half the blink of an eye.

Nope. It’s still quite good.

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