high ping

I have such a problem. I’m using the same account on my personal computer and tablet. there ping 12, everything is fine. but on the iPhone for some reason the ping is more than 400, although the Internet provider is the same. I changed the VPN configuration several times, reinstalled the application, but for some reason the ping is very high only on the iPhone, on other devices with the same Internet connection, everything is fine

and the problem is?
… or do you really need something that depends on the RTT?
(plus, how are you measuring the ping time?)

SpeedTest. On a phone without WARP enabled, 10 pings, with 350-400 enabled. It is felt even when surfing the Internet, the pages respond with a long delay, this was not the case before, 5 days ago. On other devices with enabled WARP ping 15-25

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OK. I’d have assumed that maybe the iPhone is maybe increasing the latency for power-saving reasons, but if it really makes your surfing slower, then I guess it’s not working as intended…

Lacking any iDevice I cannot help. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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