High page load times since 5 days (maybe specific to Germany?)

Hi, we are a cloud software provider from germany and we encounter unusal high page load times since the last 5 days as you can see in this 7-day chart.

Page load times startet increasing on all of these days between 3 and 4 pm german time (UTC+1).
We were only able to reproduce this ourselves once, and that was yesterday. But we received many complaints from our customers on all of these days.
Some of them told us, that the performance issues disappear as soon as they visit our website using an abroad VPN server. So this issue may be specific to germany.

We have switched on the development mode but this has not led to any improvement.
So we switched off the Cloudflare proxy completely for a few hours as a test and the loading times immediately returned to a normal level. Thats why we believe that the problem is caused by Cloudflare.

Is there anyone who can observe the same problems in their web analytics?
Any ideas what to do or how to troubleshoot on this?

Thanks for your help in advance!

FYI We are using Cloudflare Business and already asked Cloudflare Support for help but not receive an answer yet.

Hi @developmentOtto, are you able to respond on the ticket with the troubleshooting details the agent mentioned?

@cloonan What kind of details do you mean? The HAR files? As I already wrote to them I am not able to reproduce it on my own (propably as issues do not occur within my local region) so I can not provide it.

Any chance the affected visitors are all Telekom customers?


@Laudian Thanks a lot for your reply. Since your post, I have had the opportunity to see the problem with my own eyes only once (due to christmas lots of our customers are offline) and it was indeed a Telekom connection. But one case bringst no evidance…
Is there any public information that proves that Telekom customers are currently experiencing difficulties with cloudflare?

The problems are in no way limited to Cloudflare and have been going on for a long time.

Quick explanation:
Usually, Content Providers will use Transit Providers to deliver traffic to the users ISP. This is what Cloudflare does to connect to Telekom users.

Telekom is very large, and they are actually acting both as an ISP and as a Transit Provider. And it just so happens that Telekom (ISP) provides very fast connections to their own (very expensive) Transit Service, while connections to other Transit Providers are completely overloaded during peak traffic hours.

Now, you might call this market power abuse or extortion, but that’s just how it is.

You can have a look here. The article is from 2020, but nothing has changed since:


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