High packet loss when WARP is enabled

I’m experiencing an issue with high packet loss (5-20%) when WARP is enabled.

This is happening across 3 devices: 1 Windows, 1 OSX, 1 Android. Other devices on my network which don’t use WARP are stable.

As soon as I disable WARP my ping becomes near perfect (<0.5% packet loss).

I’m 99% certain this issue is caused by WARP, but I’m not sure how to resolve it.

What steps can I do to debug the issue?

ICMP is a poor measure of network quality. Ping is a low priority packet and can be dropped by routers for a variety of reasons. If the only issue is some % of ping requests dropping, there’s not anything to debug IMO.

@RakeshNittur ICMP rate limiting is often active by default. No, there’s no guarantee you’d receive replies for (all) your echo requests, generally. Testing links and transceivers should be done with more serious trafic (e.g. using iperf3) - ICMP is low rate and lowest priority. ping is a quick way to check connectivity and routing, nothing else.


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Okay, fair point. However, just from the difficulties when playing a video, regularly being disconnected from an online game, and even loading a single email, I can guarantee it’s not just a ping issue.

The reason why I mentioned ping was because of the extremely clear difference between having WARP active and inactive.

Do you have any advice to actually understand what the issue with WARP is?

Any help to solve this would be appreciated!

I’ve got the same issue. I’m using WARP+. When I use WARP and play online it stutters, rubber bands and sometimes reverse or replay abilities.

Something changed in the last few months which has caused this, because it was never an issue before.

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