High Packet Loss - Causing issues with website


As Business support is taking hours to respond, I’m hoping somebody could paint a better picture on the issue we are experiencing. We are using Hivelocity as host tied with Cloudflare and are today experience very high Packet Loss to Cloudflare, causing us 522 errors as well due to the way primary site is setup. Is the issue we are experiencing something caused by issue with routing to Cloudflare, or issue on Cloudflare’s end or should we contact our host? They’ve been very rude so far claiming they cannot see details “due to Cloudflare” (Nice managed support haha).
I do have some basic knowledge however it would be good to know if we should hire a professional to fix these issues, thanks!
P.S. as we are running multiple VMs, we’ve also tried in other environment, namely Windows and same MTR result was present.



Thank you for asking.

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue like Error 522.

May I ask have you tried contacting your hosting provider for any additional/relevant information such as network maintenance or something related? :thinking:

May I ask have you already written to Cloudflare Support and received a ticket number?
If so, can you share your ticket number here so we could escalate it.


We’ve just called them again to confirm and they say there is no maintenance today and claim everything looks good on their end.

The ticket ID is #2371326

Thank you!

Thank you. I’ve escalated it.

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