High # of login attempts by Cloudflare IP

IP has 556 times requested for wp-login.php of bobsrantsandraves.com in the last 15 minutes. A reverse lookup shows this is a Cloudflare IP.

My website is hosted on Cloudways (DO). MySQL was shutdown - possibly due to excessive login attempts over-taxing the server?

If this is a legit Cloudflare IP I don’t want to blacklist it… how do I prevent this IP from flooding my site’s wp-login.php?

Hi @bob8 have you tried restoring visitor IP?

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Thanks, cloonan. I will read the instructions and try installing mod_cloudflare. Sounds exactly what I need. I also need to setup rate limiting on Cloudflare to protect login abuse.

Thanks for your help!

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Try mod_remoteip instead, mod_cloudflare is no longer supported.


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