High number of lookups for Cloudflare.com from WARP Clients

I have noticed in the last few weeks that it seems my desktop clients (specifically macOS) seem to be looking up Cloudflare.com a lot, I the last 24 hours, one client looked it up 7k times.

Is there a bug in the latest version of WARP client? Running 2022.2.248.0 (20220223.7). Can see it is the highest looked up domain in the last 24 hours. There isn’t anything else running that is looking this up, so assuming it is the WARP Client?

Anyone?? It seems to be getting worse, today is 17k in the last 24 hours which seems really high, feeling that the client is stuck or something but connection seems stable.

Am also noticing a lot of Bypass commands which don’t seem to match a policy in the HTTP log to Cloudflare IPs with HTTP UNK. These are also coming from the same Mac, the Policy ID doesn’t seem to relate to a actual policy on my config:

I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure the clients reach out to several Cloudflare hostnames to test connectivity. This happens on a very regular basis for obvious reasons so honestly, I wouldn’t worry about that traffic.