High number of 521 error

i have been experiencing a lot of 521 error from few days.
when i remove cloudflare then things work perfect and page loads within seconds.
when i use development mode then 521 error drops.
when i use pagerule to bypass cache then 521 error drops
but still 99% of time i get 521 error and if i dont get 521 error then page take a lot of time to load.
i am using free cloudflare service.

Have you tried looking for a fix here?
Kindly, follow the steps in the article and the post from below to solve your issue:

Moreover, do you have an valid SSL certificate at your origin/host for your domain and your sub-domains? Also, which SSL mode have you got enabled (Full SSL, …)?

If not, write back to us :wink:

@sabharwal2001 Error 521 means WEB ORIGIN IS DOWN and HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH YOUR WEB ORGIN What’s the URL your getting this 521 error on? Have you tried pausing the site on cloudflare? If not try that and see if it works!
If you want steps to learn how to do that, mention me!

thanks for the reply. i am able to solve 521 and now stuck with 524 error.
developer mode - page load within 2 seconds
cache disable - page load within 2 seconds.
only use cloudflare as DNS - page load within 2 seconds.
other then this setting will get 524 error.
Do i need to create separate post for this?

Well good to hear the 521 issue has been fixed! But I’m sorry to hear you are now getting an 524 error, this means a timeout occurred. What’s the URL your getting this issue on? Link it, and I’ll see if I get the same error!

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