High Latency using Cloudflare WARP

Hey everyone,

I have been using cloudflare for roughly 3 months. But recently, I have been experiencing this weird high ping. when I first use the cloudflare WARP, my colocation center was at CGK(Jakarta), Indonesia, and that’s exaclty where I live, and then as the time went on, it suddenly changes to SIN. At first, there was no problem with the latency, but lately my latency when I use cloudlfare WARP is really high like 192 on average.

I tried to turn cloudflare WARP off and speedtest, the result I got was this:

Something rather funny happened when i tried to switch server to Singtel Singapore:

i got high latency when i switched server to Singtel.

and then I tested the speed again when i was using cloudflare WARP:

I tried to speedtest the same server without WARP and this is the result:

I tried tracing the routes with tracert and this is the results

I need help please, because I use cloudflare to play Apex Legends and browse reddit and everything else that’s blocked in my country that I need to use. Another funny thing is when I play apex without cloudlflare I get around 200 ping on every server too which confuse my mind, is this ISP or cloudflare issues? or could be both??

I appreciate any kind of help. Thanks before :slight_smile:

I forgot to attach this:

Cloudflare will direct traffic away from colos that are saturated, based on prioroty. It seems to be recently priority based routing has become a big factor.

Without WARP enabled what colo does this give?

this is what it looks like without WARP. the colo center is jakarta (CGK)

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