High Latency through Cloudflare Tunnel (Routing traffic through wrong servers)

AS5483 is Magyar Telekom, which is a subsidiary of AS3320 Deutsche Telekom.

The issue(s) with AS3320 Deutsche Telekom has been well-known for years, not only in regards to Cloudflare.

AS3320 Deutsche Telekom seem to refuse to peer directly with Cloudflare (as well as many other networks), which in the end is causing the result that traffic has to go through alternative paths (assuming such alternative paths are available, which they may not always be).

AS3320 Deutsche Telekom have similarly been in the media several times over the years, allegedly for not wanting to ensure proper capacity on their peering links, and so forth, which for example caused AS174 Cogent Communiations to send a lawsuit towards AS3320 Deutsche Telekom some years ago.

With the extended information about your ISP, I’m afraid my hopes aren’t high either.

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