High latency through Cloudflare proxy in Canada

It’s been 2 days I started getting very high latency on a wordpress site. Pages could take up to 60 seconds to load, mostly in the backend. The server load is ver low but still page load very slow. When inspecting, html, head are loaded quickly then body takes forever to load. I created a subdomain as DNS only record and configured the site to support that domain as well. When browsing the server directly on the IP (bypassing proxy) everything is perfectly fast and normal. I tried different page speed tool and they agreed the site was faster on Cloudflare but they were testing from US locations. I found one that is testing from Vancouver and results are really odd. Some elements took a very long time on the cloudflare. The one on the left is through cloudflare where the other one is direct on the IP.
I’m located in Montreal, my client using the site is located in Toronto area we both get similar results
Here’s side by side, site through cloudflare on the left, same site directly on IP.

Definitly something wrong with a cloudflare server near us!!
By the way, development mode is also similar delays. Help!

I don’t see any specific delay in the Cloudflare’s proxied version, the time to fully loaded is lower. The first HTML request takes 1s just on processing server side, there’s nothing that Cloudflare can do if the server takes that long to reply.

Additionally the test was performed in Vancouver, the server seems to be on the USA’s East Coast. It takes time for packets to cross the US, especially during these times of higher overall usage.

Finally, the number of requests is extremely high, 140 reqs is a ton for a single landing page. Consider reducing them and/or enable some caching both on the edge and the user’s browser. To do so set-up a page rule.

WordPress users who also use Cloudflare should install the latest WordPress plugin, which can be found here. A complete list of recommended steps for WordPress users is here. See the next steps in that last page as well.

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Did you look at the video? Same site, page takes over a minute to load when going through cloudflare. It worked fine for the last 6 months it started 2 days ago. It’s really laborious to do right now but I’m installing the plugin. I doubt it will make any difference. this is totally unusable that way. each click in the backend takes about 1 minute. The home page isnt that bad, when coming from cache, the page loads normally. According to speed test I ran it seems only from my area :frowning:

No, it requires Adobe Flash and I won’t install that.

They do take a lot to load (both of them, the Cloudflare one is slightly worse, agreed), I haven’t been able to load it once, even going directly to the origin unless it’s been loaded a few times and the local cache is turned on. I am assuming that there is a rate limit on the origin or something similar. I have seen various errors, from 404s to 525s on both versions. This is most definitely an issue on the server as not all requests hang and they are not always the same.

edit explanation of 525 errors: Community Tip - Fixing Error 525: SSL handshake failed


Plugin installed. Still the same. The problem seems to be in the route between Cloudflare and the Godaddy Server. Me directly to Godaddy is fine but I’m probably not using the same route. You seem to be using the same route since you experience latency in both situation. Can you see a problematic server in your route?

I am most certainly using a different route, the Cloudflare POPs are different, the continents even. The issue is with your server, I am basically sure of that. Maybe other @MVP can test on their ends just to confirm?

So definitely there is a problem on a server between Cloudflare and the Godaddy Server. It’s not the host because it’s super responsive for me when I go directly. If you are epxerienceing Hopefully it will be resolved in a few days, I must not be the only one using that route. On the video I was loading posts from the backend side to site. the IP loaded it in a split second where the other one took over a minute to fully load it. Here’s a screenshot of both at 58s into it. https://www.screencast.com/t/ZSeAnwEg
I will switch the main domain to DNS only in the meantime and recheck once in a while :unamused:

Instead of GTMetrix try using webpagetest.org to test from a variety of regions and take note of cf-ray header as to reported CF datacenter each test is routed to. GTMetrix isn’t always accurate - it doesn’t even use the latest web browser versions.

I wrote a guide on how to use webpagetest.org at https://community.centminmod.com/threads/how-to-use-webpagetest-org-for-page-load-speed-testing.13859/

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