High latency/packet loss/low bandwidth from Magyar Telekom network

Cloudflare support is nonexistent so I’m posting this here.

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Happened both yesterday and today during evening peak hours.

Same poor latency and bandwidth today during peak hours:

Screenshot 2022-10-21 220944

today, 7pm

For reference, this is the morning non-peak period. As you can see pings are in the low 10s:

Same issue. Seems to be an issue between Deutsche Telekom and Level 3 since a few days, usually between 16:00-0:00.

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(Cant upload or embed images yet, hoping the imgur links are good enough)

Seeing the same problem here as well, speeds have been pretty slow for a few days now: https://i.imgur.com/p5ybWWB.png
As for the packet loss/latency, it doesn’t seem all that great either: https://i.imgur.com/67iBCVR.png

Sadly after 3 weeks this is still unresolved. Big companies are ignoring our reports; maybe it’s a business dispute between Deutsche Telekom and Lumen but we dont’t know for sure. All services in Cloudflare’s network are still throttled down to unacceptable speeds between 19:00-00:00. This includes some of the biggest websites in Hungary (hvg.hu, telex.hu, 444.hu), Discord, the one.one.one.one dns resolver, etc.

A local news outlet wrote about the problem but DT and Level3 are ignoring them too: https://www.hwsw.hu/hirek/65357/telekom-cloudflare-peering-ping-packet-loss-deutsche-magyar.html

I tried to diagnose with Lumen’s (aka level3/centurylink) lookingglass (https://lookingglass.centurylink.com) and the Vienna site is giving errors or no output at all. Maybe there is a problem on their side, or maybe this is intentional so outsiders can’t see how the traffic has been rerouted.

All in all, after waiting in vain for 1 month to get this resolved or even acknowledged by any of the parties involved it looks like the only real solution currently is to disable Cloudflare proxying for websites that need to be accessed from Hungary.

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Thanks for your reports.

Cloudflare has applied some routing optimizations to improve the latency situation with Magyar Telekom.



Thank you! I can see the new route is in effect:

Screenshot 2022-11-11 033506

Of course we need to wait until the evening to measure the performance, but so far it looks good. I’ll check back with the results later.

@8pm everything looks good!

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