High Latency only if pinged through domain

Hello, I am new here, but have been using Cloudflare for my site for about a year no without any issues. But lately I am having a high latency problem with my site. I’m gettin 180ms+ when I ping my domain name but if I ping the IP address directly I’m getting 15-16 ms as I should. My Gtmetrix score is super bad now at D, down from the typical A. I’ve contacted my provider but they are still trying to figure out if it’s on their end or if it’s an error coming from routing my site via Cloudflare.

I have not changed my site or any configuration in the past few weeks. Site was performing optimally after the last change.

Any help or suggestions would be really appreciated.

Site: https://online.musictime.id/
Host: Hostinger
Server location: Singapore
Accessing from: Indonesia

EDIT: Attached is a my traceroute. It looks like I am being bounced through multiple servers in LAX, which makes the ping shoot up high. Any ideas where the problem might be?

The way your ISP and Cloudflare route requests from your network.

Your ISP would need to adjust the routing here or Cloudflare announce better routes, the latter can only be achieved by upgrading your plan, but even that won’t guarantee it and the former is something you could only take up with your ISP I am afraid.

Alternatively you could unproxy the DNS record in question, which would make you go directly to your server again, but you’ll effectively disable Cloudflare of course.

Thank you for your response. You are correct, unproxying the DNS record immediately drops the ping down to 15 ms. Proxying brings back the high ping.

I have minimal networking experience so please excuse my ignorance, but I think the problem may not be ISP related? Because GTMetrix and other site performance analysis tools are all reporting high pings. I’m thinking your second assessment could be the case – Cloudflare route to my hosting that needs to be fixed.

Maybe I’ll could send Cloudflare an email to see if they can help me with this?

But thanks again, at least I have a temporary fix for now.

It is, at least partially. Please use the search as that topic has been discussed a gazillion times already.

The issue is what I mentioned in my earlier response and there really is not much more to add I am afraid. You can certainly open a support ticket but it is rather unlikely they will tell you anything else. At best they might tell you to upgrade but not mention that that won’t be a guarantee for better routing either.

For example, sitemeer.com/#https://online.musictime.id/ has rather decent timings - 11ms for the connect.

Yeah I did a quick search earlier but thought this could have been a different issue. But yes you’re right. I did check that the colo was indeed LAX, which makes sense when looking at the output at sitemeer.com. All north hemisphere servers are connecting super fast while the Singapore one is much slower.

Yes, it is a common issue and only your ISP and Cloudflare can influence that, but from Cloudflare’s side you’ll get somewhat of a routing “guarantee” only on Enterprise plans.

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