High Lag in a specific website

Hello Everyone. I have a problem right now using Cloudflare DNS and
I am from Philippines using PLDT as my Internet Service Provider with a 10mbps internet speed.
I am a chess player who used to play chess online and I pick as my primary DNS Server
During the game, I experienced a very high lag in a two specific websites like,

  1. lichess.org
  2. chess.com
    and I got a disconnection everytime I play chess. Because these websites require atleast an stable internet connection.
    However, trying different DNS Server sometimes resolve this issue.

In the mean time, I want to conclude that If Developers are there and reading this, please try to check and see using your dns server and
Cloudflare DNS are very fast in known websites like Facebook, Youtube, Messenger and even searching in the web. Just like what I said, these websites load the web pages very slow and sometimes, I got an error message.
Hope that you’d find time checking this bug and to fix it very soon.
More Power and God Bless!

Best regards,
Kid Asuncion

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