High(-er than expected) latency to Cloudflare NTP server


I wanted to use Cloudflare’s NTP server but I ended up getting unexpectedly high pings to that hostname. I am in Poland and my ISP is Orange using AS5617, which has peering with Cloudflare because connecting to or Cloudflare CDN I usually see latency about 5-6ms (which is about the same as latency to my WAN gateway), but for time (dot) Cloudflare (dot) com it is more like 35-40ms.

Also using traceroute to see my routing to, it is a very short path going through my ISP’s central office and then almost directly to Cloudflare, but for NTP server, it goes through Orange’s international backbone in Frankfurt and Paris (AS5511), which doesn’t seem to be correct assuming that this server is hosted in PL datacenter.

So it is either a routing misconfiguration (I think) or the fact that Cloudflare’s NTP service is not mirrored in the same way as let’s say DNS.

Is there any way to fix this behavior? Thanks!

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