High data transfer in Cloudflare stream

We are testing the Cloudflare Stream for an online learning video streaming platform.

We uploaded one 1080p video of 20MB size (4 min 30sec duration), encoded with codec H264 –MPEG-4 AVC.

When we streamed the video through a web browser and using developer tool we monitored the data transfer, we found the following amount of data got transferred for each stream quality:


1080p – 160MB

710p – 121MB

480p – 64.MB

240p – 21 MB

To compare it with Youtube streaming, we uploaded the same video and then using the same technique as above we measured the data transfer


1080p - 41MB

720p - 32.5MB

480p - 23.4MB

240p - 14.6MB

We can see the data transfer of Cloudflare is much higher than Youtube. So why the encoded files in Cloudflare have much higher size (original 1080p file was 20MB and streaming 1080p generated 160MB data transfer).
Is there any way we can reduce the streaming data transfer by encoding the files in a much-optimized way and reducing the encoded file size?

I can’t really answer your question… and I get you point but the first question that pops in my mind is: why do you care?

I guess you should care if:
a) price would be more expensive to you
b) your users would have a slow down in term of streaming speed
c) your IT/servers would be impacted or slowed down or something of a kind…

But in case of a) there is no impact > because CF pricing is calculated per MINUTE of streaming and so is storage. So having a more heavy-in-size video is not more expensive for you

In case of b) you don’t really care as CF stream is dealing with that and their severs stream the content perfectly in any condition, device, world region, etc

In case of c)… well, again, it’s CF stream servers that deal with that, so your IT/servers are not much involved or impacted if the video is actually encoded in a way that generate a more heavy file.

I hope it helps you :slight_smile:

Hi @dj_saxa, thanks for your reply. Our concern is not for our expenses or our servers or anything related to these. Our main concern is for our targeted learners who are going to use this online learning solution. Many of our learners are from humble backgrounds and from developing countries, they are going to learn online using their limited internet data connections. Some may use their mobile data connection hotspot, and mobile data connections probably have a per-day limit of 1GB data transfer. If they have to use 160MB of data just to see a video of 4mins 30secs, so you can imagine how much they can learn daily. So we have to optimize in a way that the solution becomes affordable for them. So when you develop something for masses, not for classes then you have to care for many things, hope you understand :blush:.