High CPU usage and low amount of visitors

Hi :slight_smile:

my site host at SITEGROUND and im using WORDPRESS with 35 plugins ( most of them fro mthe same developer )
im on a shared server .
the CPU seconds report show that im using around 400K a day ( some days are around 600k )

i dissabled heatbeat function
i optimized the database ( now its around 260 mb )
im using flatsome theme
im using real cron ( i dissabled wp-cron )
and im using Ithemes security plugin

i contact the hosting company , but they support team have very low knowlege .

i checked today my CLOUDFLARE account , and i saw that i had 650 visitors from the past 24 hours .
but google analytic show only 6 …

right now i switched to DOS ATTACK MOD … just to check if it will help .

any idea how to solve this issue ?


Your site is probably being crawled by bots. Not the type of visitors that Google Analytics would track.

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:
i saw that cloudflare blocked alot of ips ( not from the same range ) .
any idea how can i block bots that change the ip address ( proxy )
any good firewall plugin ( other than itheme security ) that i can use ? or .htaccess rule ?

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