High CPU in Putty


I am using PRO plan and in Putty i see high CPU,and i see for what username (which website) i got high CPU.

Now my question is:

What i need to change in Firewall settings to fix that high CPU in my PRO plan?

I am afraid that’s not related to Cloudflare. That’s a topic you need to discuss with your host, Cloudflare has no control over your server.

If your CPU has a high utilisation because of network requests, you best check first why that is and - in case of a denial of service attack - could use e.g. firewall rules to block certain requests. But that is not dependent on your plan nor intrinsically related to your CPU utilisation.


Thanks for answer.

Sorry Cloudflare can control what is happening with particular site for which i have PRO plan. So,if i see high CPU in Putty for domain which use Cloudflare PRO plan,there can be a solution to fix that high CPU. In this case you said that is “Firewall rules” tab,but i don’t know which rule to implement there.

No, that’s wrong. Cloudflare has no control over your server.

Again, if it is requests you should analyse which ones and then you could implement appropriate rules, but your server shouldn’t behave like that in the first place. Also, you need to check if it is a denial of service attack to begin with.

https://developers.cloudflare.com/firewall/cf-firewall-rules has everything you need to configure the necessary rules.

You not understand me at all. I said with Cloudflare i can stop example bad bots or whatever else which eat CPU with some option in “Firewall rules” and back CPU to normal. So in that case my server CPU will be normalized,and site will work normal.

Right now i have setup Firewall rule to “known bots” (i hope so this only catch bad bots ) and block them.

As I said.

The first question is, do you even know why you have a higher CPU utilisation?

No,i do not know how i have higher CPU utilisation. That is a problem which i need to crack up. :slight_smile:

So i will post here Processes from Putty, and if you know what i must fix tell me
i really appreciate that.

That’s precisely what I meant you need to look into.

Once you know that it is about a denial of service attack you can - as mentioned earlier already - configure the right rules to block such requests on the proxy side already.

Without these details you don’t even know if you need to configure anything, let alone what.

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