High amount of traffic - but does not match with Google Analytics

So if I go to Cloudflare Analytics it says I’ve had 86,000 requests the past 24 hours. But Google Analytics says I’ve only had 2300 pageviews last 24 hours.

Is this because each request (say to load an image) is handled uniquely? Or what am I missing here?

If I go to “unique visitors” CloudFlare says we’ve had 2,400 past 24 hours, but Google Analytics says we’ve had 500 unique visitors past 24 hours

Hi @mattias3,

Please see:

which is a support article dedicated to exactly that!

Thank you for your prompt reply. Sorry I’ve missed that.

I think we have an usual high amount of crawlers, to be honest. Is there something that can be done to reduce this? We do have unusual high CPU load average in general.

Sorry for my delayed reply! No problem - if you can see specific crawlers that you don’t want, you could block them by, for example, user agent with Cloudflare firewall rules.

Thank you.

I have just verified, and the “Unique Visitors” doesn’t match at all.

For instance, CloudFlare says we had 2700 unique visitors on november 29. But Google Analytics says we had 340 (and 1700 pageviews).