High 4xx error rate in the last 24 hours

Ok so I was checking the error analytics from my account analytics and these came back for the 4xx errors and error rate.

I don’t have an origin website (so these errors are coming directly from my workers)!

Is there any way I can see what 4xx errors are being returned? Note: I’m using a free plan!

At the Analytics tab you can see your most common status codes and filter for any specific ones.

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This is what I see (with my email blacked out)

As I mentioned, I don’t have an origin website (and these errors are coming directly from my workers)

And I’ve tried adding the worker domain and it either says it’s invalid or it’s not the root domain!

So what do you suggest I try now? Remember that I’m on a free plan!

What does the worker tab say?
(It’s on the lower right side of that page)
So yes dashboard and to the right.

What do you mean? What part? (Like on my dashboard or what?)

Cloudflare does not show the status codes of Worker responses anywhere as far as I know (unless you have them running via a Cloudflare zone, because then you could check the analytics tab).
So the only other option would be to add extra logging yourself within your Worker code.

Ok, so I just change the code of all of my workers to do that? Or just create another one then paste some code?

Are you talking about this?


Odd though it’s not saying any errors for aboutrock2, perhaps the others but I’d look at the culprit worker first. If not spotted you may just need to do as arunesh90 says and log the situation.

How is that odd?

I have 3 different workers, I’ll look into them all!

Just odd with the total requests today to worker requests.

Yeah, it might be some sort of exceeded limit as the cause of all of this (but why would it return a 4xx client-side error in that case?)

Not sure but it’s sounding like that. It be normal as well to send you an error versus a 200 message (OK).

Maybe see what the errors report back both code/message if this is repeated.