Hiding IP address

Hello there,
We have a website and want to avoid revelaing ip address and that’s a must for us.
So recently we tried to use Cloudflare for hiding ip and set all proxy status to dns only. Upon checking on internet (hostingchecker.com & Similar sites) it still is revealing hosting details including ip address.
But when we turned on proxy status to proxied it did hide everything.

My question is can’t we hide ip just with dns only option ? Additionally please help us other ways of hiding ip.


Thank you for asking.

Should be proxied and set to :orange: if you want to “hide” it.

If you are using Cloudflare for your domain name, you could “mask” your real origin host / server IP by switching your hostname DNS records like A www and A yourdomain.com to proxied mode :orange: cloud.

That way, the IP for the A type of DNS record would be seen as it’s from USA, Cloudflare.

Cloudflare hides your origin server IP addresses for traffic you proxy to Cloudflare. As an extra security precaution, we recommend contacting your hosting provider and requesting new origin server IPs.
Source article: https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200170166-Best-Practices-DDoS-preventative-measures

No, it shows the origin IP and it’s shown when doing a lookup.

I am afraid your IP was already exposed to some online scanning services and similar like DNS history for your domain name.

You could use some relay server to “hide” your real IP, but I doubt as it would end up in some of the e-mail headers (if not being removed) - which could cause possible issues to your e-mail not being delivered or marked as a junk one.

Or some solution as a proxy/relay server of JavaPipe infront of your origin (for specific/needed ports) for example:

Otherwise, I would suggest using Cloudflare Business or even Enterprise plan for SMTP including the Cloudflare Spectrum service:

Is your e-mail being hosted on the same origin host / server as your Website?

Best practices for MX records on Cloudflare:

Use separate IP addresses for mail traffic and HTTP/HTTPS traffic. Cloudflare recommends using non-contiguous IPs from different IP ranges.

In terms of using e-mail with Cloudflare:

If worried about the notice at the DNS tab like “XX DNS record exposing your origin IP address”:

You should either use cloudflared tunnel in this case and make sure all the required DNS records are proxied and set to :orange: (except email related ones).


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