Hiding ads from competitors

I have a shopify website and mainly generate traffic through Facebook ads. Does anyone know how to make sure my site won’t show up on spy tools such as adspy.com? I heard people are doing this using cloudflare but I’m not sure how.

The site you linked appears to aggregate advertisements from Facebook. That is not related to individual sites.

If you want to block requests to your page you can do so with firewall rules. Check out https://developers.cloudflare.com/firewall/cf-firewall-rules for details and also use the search.

Will a firewall affect the traffic trying to access my site in any way?

That depends on how you configure it.

Would I block adspy.com in the parameters or would you advise something else?

You cannot block hostnames like that. You first need to determine what you want to block. I suggest you first familiarise yourself with the entire firewall system on Cloudflare and if you have specific questions afterwards we can easily clarify them.

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